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Another major part of creating a successful business is having various kinds of professional marketing materials.


TAICHAN provides clients with the opportunity to receive an unlimited number of beautifully designed marketing tools, each individually built based on the clients brand. Some of these items include: 

  • Brochures and Trifolds

  • Journal and Notebook Covers

  • Flyers

  • Instagram posts

  • Short Videos

  • Facebook Posts

  • Invitations

  • Gratitude Journals

  • Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Presentations

  • Logos

  • Post cards


All marketing materials are designed using photos or videos provided by the client or stock photos. Materials are typically built within a week, and requests are sent via email at least a week in advance. 

If you NEED it, we can BUILD it!
TAICHAN Marketing Examples
Screenshot 2022-10-15 200124.png

Notebook Covers

Screenshot 2022-10-15 204702.png


Screenshot 2022-10-15 200312.png


Screenshot 2022-10-15 214129.png

Gratitude Journal Covers

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